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Hobo is Hiring
Hobo is lookin to expand its team in the coming New Year :)

The role of the Events team is to host events whent here is the user demand for them. In doing so, users applying must have some knowledge of how to host and wire your own events room for regular use. We are currently looking for ONE events team member to join our team at this very moment, however we hope to hire more in the near future. All applications sent in now will be considered for all future hires.

The role of the Moderation team is to observe the hotel, and its happenings by being regularily through various times of the days. For this posistion we are seeking two people. Occasionally you will play double duty, as required of all staff members, to host events when there may otherwise be no coverage. Users applying must be able to demonstrate mature conduct and approach every situation without bias. Moderators are expected to learn our policys and procedures when dealing with certain incidents on the hotel. We will be seeking TWO people to join our Moderation team on a two-week trial basis.

 18 years of age and older

Ability to take the initiative;

Can dedicate a minimum of  hours a week to Hobo

Active in the community for at least 7 days;

Respectful, clear headed and without bias;

Critical thinker with common sense;

Not a member of staff on another hotel or closely associated with one.