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An Introduction to Quests
Try out our new Quests, Massacre on the Hobo Express and The Hunt of The Yeti...

Questing on Hobo is not a brand new concept... however it's something we haven't done since the founding of our Hotel. It is with great pleasure what the team here at Hobo introduces Quests for all of its users to participate in. Join us in completing the two new quests - Massacre on The Hobo Express and The Hunt for The Yeti! Both of these quests can be found under the Public tab on the navigator, and users will only be rewarded once.

Completion of any quest will reward you with a standard prize of 3,500 Credits, 5000 Duckets and 25 Diamonds as well an exclusive badge only available to those who has completed the subsequent quests! 

Quests will be launched regularily throughout the year in conjunction with new automatic games to ensure our community has achievements to complete.

Any user who would like to submit a quest for consideration please contact user Puffin on Discord or in the client. If you are submitting a user-created quest you are responsible for ensuring it is wired correctly and free from any glitches or exploits.

Follow all instructions you are given when going through the quests. They have been tested thoroughly and work properly. The directions will guide you through in completing the task!