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Introducing The Hub
Have you checked out all of the cool features in Hobo's new home room?

Have you discovered The Hub yet? If you've been online recently you might have noticed that Hobo has a brand spanking new Home Room! The Hub is loaded with, and being continually developed with new features, making the room extremely interactive and showing new users that Hobo isn't just any other Hotel.

Begin your interactive experience by diving into the Safety Quiz. To begin the quiz, talk to FRANK at the reception desk in the home room. Completing the quiz will earn you the 'Safety Quiz' achievement, 50 achievement points as well as 10 diamonds for the effort! 

* please be advised that the room will tell you that you haven't completed the Safety Quiz, even if you have. Although FRANK will let you do the quiz as much as you'd like, it will not reward you with any additional achievement or diamonds for completing it a second time, We are currently waiting on a batch of new custom wireds to continue the development of The Hub, and you will see a lot of new features added in the coming weeks. The Hub is an ongoing project who's being contirbuted towards by all members of our staff team.

The Hub also features a FAQ and Information Database available for all users to use. You can access the information database by stepping on the arrow at the HiPad Vendor. To avoid spamming, the main menu will only appear once, and you must reload the room to trigger the menu again. This feature is currently being expanded and will soon host a whole host of information. We hope this feature gives all new, and existing users all of the information they need to know about Hobo. The database features general information and our most frequently asked questions.

While you're in The Hub why not check out the directory of Hobo's Automatic Games? Thanks to Martin's wonderful work, our home room now contains a directory to all of Hobo's automatic games. The room features rotating banners which displays what is what and is a guarentee to catch anybodies eye! As new auto-games are developed you may notice the directory change - the idea is to keep our most recent, and favourite games displayed in The Hub 

Future Features

 Currency benefits every 10 minutes you are in the room;

Removal of messages asking you to complete the quiz when you have;

Additional quizes to earn previously unobtainable achievements;

Expanded FAQ & Information Database featuring ALL topics;

Welcome gift for new users;

We look forward to expanding The Hub and giving all of our users the most interactive experience possible. 2022 is the year of Hobo, and we're excited for everyone to see what else we have in store for you!