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Gamer of The Week - #7
The games continue with Escape the Raptors - who's gonna win?



MINIGAME PRIZE: 2 Diamonds, 50 EBT

END DATE: Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 at 10PM EST

The competition has been as competitive as ever and users have been battling it out against friends in the competition that never ends... crack that moutnain dew, tuck into your desk and get ready for it.... GAMER OF THE WEEK 7 HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!!

Congratulations user Music on winning Gamer of The Week 6- Pacman with a final score of 215!!!

 *Although games are thoroughly tested to ensure they function entirely, we all know retro wired can sometimes be a bit wonky... we ask that if you discover any kind of glitch in the auto-game that isn't related to the known bugs with scoreboards, please report it to a member of staff.

What is Gamer of The Week and what prizes can I win?

Every week one of our automatic games will be featured in the spotlight, offering an increased prize (typically a bit more than the normal set prize). The user who obtains the highest score at the end of the Spotlight period will receive one of two exclusive badges, as well as a Gold Cup and 10 Hearts and the choice of 1 LTD Item in Puffin's LTD Prize storage.

How often can I win?

You can win however much you'd like - although there are currently only two badges for Gamer of The Week winners we hope to eventually expand into an entire set for participants to collect!

The competition is called 'Gamer of The Week' - why has it lasted longer?

Sometimes, due to unforseen circumstances (such as downtime, broken games, etc) the competition may be extended for the benefit of our users. If the date has been extended for whatever reason, we will announce the change at least 24 hours before the set end date in our Discord and on our Twitter feed.