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How does Hobo management enforce the rules?

The Hobo team works on a type of infraction system based upon the severity of your offence. Most offences will first warrant a warning before further action is taken. While we are fans of Freedom of Speech, we do have some limitations to that, and action will be taken based upon the severity of the situation.


Homophobia/Transphobia and Racism/Discrimination of any kind;

1st Offence:  JAIL - 21600 Seconds - 86,400 Seconds )6 Hours - 24 Hours depending on severity of offence. BAIL: N/A

2nd Offence: 1 Week Ban

3rd Offence: Permanent IP/MAC Ban

*continued offences will result in the permanent mute of your account


1st Offence: JAIL - 43200 Seconds (12 Hours) and a 500 Diamond Bail;

2nd Offence: 24 Hour Ban;

3rd Offence: 1 Week Ban & Loss of trading privilges permanently across all accounts.

*continuing to work around our infraction system and scamming players will result in a permanent IP and MAC ban.


General Continual Harassment

1st Offence: JAIL - 1800 Seconds (30 Minutes) and 50 Diamond Bail;

2nd Offence: JAIL - 7200 (2 Hours) and 75 Diamonds Bail;

3rd Offence: Permanent ban.

Continued offences will result in IP and MAC bans.

Sexual Harassment

1st Offence: JAIL - 43200 Seconds (12 Hours) and 75 Diamonds Bail;

2nd Offence: 24 Hour Ban;

3rd Offence: Permanent MAC/IP Ban


Advertisement of other Hotels

1st Offence: Permanent IP and MAC Ban.



1st Offence: Permanent IP/MAC Ban.

Muting for offences on Discord:

If you have been muted on Discord for whatever reason, this mute will also be carried out in the same amount of time on the Hotel as well.